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We love our customers and look forward to helping new and returning customers complete their projects. Keep scrolling to see us in action!

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“One of our customers came in with an issue with his faucet. He didn’t know what he needed or how to fix it. After working through the issue, we gave him the parts and tools to fix the problem and offered some suggestions. The next day, we received a text from his son, who lives out of province, letting us know that his father had successfully fixed the issue and thanked us for helping him. He said it was comforting to know there are people who can help when family isn’t around!”
“Fast and friendly service when I had a leak that needed repair quickly. And they actually answer the phone unlike others. Will definitely be using again!”

– Gladys Krahn, Facebook

“Very nice inside sales representative. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent selection of plumbing, heating, and ventilation supplies and equipment.”

– Stew Books, Google

“We’ve used Winkler Plumbing and Heating twice at our local school division recently. They did a great job of a difficult attic ducting repair and did it with a good attitude. Just this weekend they assisted us in a basement flooding situation at a school and they responded within a 1/2 hour on the weekend and were instrumental in preventing damage to critical infrastructure. Henry and his staff went above and beyond monitoring the situation through the night. Very impressed with our experience with them so far!”

– Davis Wieler, Google

“Top-notch staff & service at Winkler Plumbing & Heating. Had my broken-down A/C replaced in no time! Thanks so much for your terrific customer service!”

– Gaylene Mae, Facebook

“A #1 service! ⭐10 out of 5 stars⭐ Asked to fix hot water unit, it needed replacement in the end. They say someone “might” be able to come by. Well, there’s Mike waiting for me when I get home! He checked my issue, said I needed a new tank, while showing me why (that’s a first). So, then he goes and rips my old one out and installs the new one before I knew what happened! The most professional service I have ever had. I will only ask for Mike to do maintenance and repair on my place from now on. Thank you, Mike, and Winkler Plumbing & Heating.”

– Brent Krause, Google

“Helpful and prompt service! This has been true every time I’ve needed their help. The staff are accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient regardless of the need. Whether I call or stop into the shop, they are attentive and kind.”

– Ann McTaggart, Google

“They always have a solution for my plumbing and heating problems”

– David Fehr, Facebook

“These guys are awesome, always friendly and helpful. They are very responsive in the event of an emergency as well. Thanks guys”

– Greg Unrau, Google

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